Name: Custom
Price: 109.99


Global Perks:

Bolt color prefix

Ability to claim a discord rank.

Ability to claim a teamspeak rank.

Higher queue priority


Kitmap permissions:

Elke map een reclaim
Donor Keys + 1 King key!

Access tot /playervault

/Kit Custom (30min Cooldown)



Reclaim packets:

8 Apollo keys  (Every Map)

7 Supreme keys  (Every Map)

    6 Hackie keys (Every Map)


Ability to use /day.

Ability to use /night.

Ability to use /rename.

Ability to use /smelt.

Ability to use  /workbench.

Ability to use  /nightvision

Ability to use  /smelt

Ability to use  /near


Diamond kit
(2 days cooldown)

Diamond helmet: Protection 2, Unbreaking 4
Diamond chestplate: Protection 4, Unbreaking 4
Diamond leggings: Protection 2, Unbreaking 4
Diamond boots: Protection 2, Unbreaking 4, Feather Falling 4
Diamond sword: Sharpness 2, Unbreaking 3, Looting 4
16x Enderpearl
8x Golden apple
64x Potato
7x Speed II potions
1x Fire Resistance
24x Healing potions II

Builder/minder kit

Archer kit